And then life…

Back in my life, my world, my home. Catching up with friends, cleaning the house, peering into the fall and feeling good.

I turned in the book! I did!  I don’t know what my editor will think of it, or how much work remains to be done, but it finally felt like a book. Like it could hold together. Like I had the bones in the right order, and it could walk, at last.  Hopefully, Seven Stories Up will come out in 2013.

And I recorded the audio book for Bigger than a Bread Box, which was a terrific experience!  I choked up a little at the end. Hard to imagine anyone else voicing that particular title.

And now?

With a clean house and a deadline met and the kids starting school in a few weeks?  I get to fiddle with new ideas, and get my teeth cleaned, and cook dinner. I get to live as calmly as I ever seem to manage.

It’s good.


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  1. Rachel Says:

    I like this. Really presents a nice little snapshot.

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