Debauchery and/or rest…

Yeah, so…

I’m doing something I’ve never ever ever done before.  I’m GOING ON A RETREAT.

I’m told that a “retreat” is when people remove themselves from the world, in order to gain clarity, find peace, get work done, etc.  I’m not sure I believe in this mythological phenomenon. Maybe if it turns out to be real I’ll also get that unicorn I’ve always wanted.

And maybe it’s a trick, but I hope not, because IN THEORY I am leaving in the morning for the mountains, heading off into the wilderness with a slew of other children’s and YA authors. We intend to sit in a cabin and read and talk about books and writing, and eat yummy food and goodness knows whatall.

Hopefully I’ll learn a ton and sleep a lot and figure out how to fix my book. And maybe I’ll walk in the woods.  Probably there will also  be all sorts of absinthe and opium and unfiltered cigarettes and socialisms– us being writers and all.

Yes, it will be grand.

At some point we will resurface for this event, which is to be a “Southern Kidlit Writers’ Cabal.” At Malaprops, one of my very favorite bookstores of all time.  There we will say lots of witty, funny, life-changing things, of course. If we are not dead of all the  opium and socialisms.


2 Responses to “Debauchery and/or rest…”

  1. Venessa Ann Schwarz Says:

    Wish I could come, I really do! I’ve thought about going on a RETREAT but was a little afraid to go without knowing anybody. I’m sure it’ll be a real writing boost! Hope you have loads of fun.

  2. Kaethe Says:

    You had me at “opium and socialisms”. Have a wonderful time, hanging out with all those cool folks.

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