Front page crazies!!!

Wow! I wrote this piece for CNN, and the comment thread is SOMETHING ELSE.

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  1. Kurt Stone Says:

    My business manager sent me a link to your CNN article, which I read with relish. You should know that I am a rabbi (ordained more than 30 years ago) and generally describe myself as a fairly traditional Jew with a slightly off-center sense of humor. I for one found your piece honest, thought-provoking and — despite what so many of the morons who left comments — really quite Jewish. To seek, to struggle with G-d, is at the very root of the Jewish experience. After all, did not Jacob have his name changed to Israel after he wrestled (struggled) with G-d . . . or, as more than one medieval commentator would have it, with himself?
    Congratulations on a fine piece of writing. And shame, shame, shame on all those who wrote such mean spirited replies.
    So tell me: are you a fan of Maryland crab cakes? My late father was from Baltimore (I was raised in Southern Calif.) and would occasionally indulge . . .
    Kurt F. Stone

  2. laurel Says:

    Thanks so much for this kind note!

    I grew up on MD crab, yes! But (and this is the punchline) I don’t eat shellfish. I also don’t eat pork. Despite not being strictly kosher, I’m making my own attempt as intentional consumption. Because it is, as you say, about the search, the journey. And for me… the mindfulness. One of my favorite things about Judaism is how it makes me more aware of my choices. Of HAVING choices. Of the fact that most things in life involve making choices. (if only choices about how to perceive/approach the things we cannot change)

  3. Kurt Stone Says:

    Hello Again:
    I forgot to mention that I also am a writer, with several books (on politics) and dozens of stories, fables, satires and parodies on my c.v. One story — a parable — may be of interest to you in light of your recent article. It is called “The Pianists,” and is essentially a very brief history of the Jewish quest . . . if the Torah had been a musical score and the Temple a concert hall. If you’re interested, you can read it at:

    Shabbat shalom,

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