This never ever happens…

I have an EMPTY WEEK!

Through a strange series of accidents, my book is on hold for a moment, as I wait for notes from my editor.

But because I didn’t know that was happening, I didn’t fill my schedule with other sorts of freelance, etc.

And it just happens to be SPRING BREAK.

So the boys and I are having a full-on STAYCATION.

Thrift stores, swimming at the YMCA, popsicles, sprinklers, a visit to Avid in Athens, because I’ve been dying to go all year! ┬áMaybe we’ll visit the Drive-in. ┬áMaybe we’ll watch mindless hours of TV.

I figure as long as the house is a little cleaner each day, and not a little messier…

it’s cool.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll go swing in the hammock and think about new picture book ideas.

But maybe I’ll watch Friday Night Lights instead.




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  1. Emma Says:

    If you don’t take the Friday Night Lights option, you’re not sister of mine.

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