The Book of Life…

Heidi Estrin, one of my new favorite people, does a really wonderful Jewish books podcast called “Book of Life”. And the current podcast includes BEA interviews that Heidi conducted with Kathy Bloomfield and ME!

I have to admit I’ve been cringing in nervousness about listening to this particular cast, because chatting with Heidi was SO MUCH FUN that I let go entirely and ranted and rambled and let it all hang out.  Which means– inevitably–that I embarrassed myself.

So I had no idea what she’d cut my blathering down to.

But listening to Kathy was enlightening for me, and interesting.  And I guess I don’t sound TOO awful.Just really really excited.

Give a listen!!!

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2 Responses to “The Book of Life…”

  1. Cheryl Rainfield Says:

    Congratulations on your interview, Laurel. I don’t think you embarrassed yourself–I think it’s wonderful to have passion and excitement and to care about something. And listeners will hear that.

    I love the Madeline L’Engle quote you have on your home page; it felt so true.

    And thanks for the book recommendation for my bloggiversary; I’ve added The 13 Clocks to my to-read list. Yay!

  2. Heidi Estrin Says:

    Hi Laurel! I tried to edit our conversation to make sure you would NOT embarrass yourself — I hope I didn’t leave anything in that you are sorry about! Try to listen to it objectively, and then let me know if it’s okay. As I said in the intro, I thought both you and Kathy sounded very smart and articulate, as well as brimming with amazing ideas and enthusiasm!

    love, Heidi

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