Because life isn’t complicated enough…

I loved my kitchen, when we moved in. It was yellow and sweet, and it had a gas stove and a clean nice fridge, and that was all I really cared about.

But then I was sitting here, with a book deadline, and a very sick kid (102 fever 5 days running now), and a bunch of school visits and trips to do, and I thought, “Hey! I know what would make this wek more fun! Let’s renovate the kitchen!”

Okay, maybe it didn’t go down quite like that. In fact, the counter was falling off the wall, because it had only ever been GLUED there, and the weight of it was putting pressure on our pipes. And also, the counter was made of crap particleboard, and it was disintegrating, in little bits of sawdust, onto the floor…


…we ditched it!


Everyone told us to get granite, but I have always dreamed of a butcher block kitchen. Soft and light and warm.  And so…

That’s what we’re doing!

Of course… once you begin messing around in a kitchen, you think of all the other things you wish you could do.

We aren’t doing a “new kitchen” at all. Leaving the crappy old scratched cabinets, the appliances, and the cheap flooring.  Because those aren’t things that bother us.  I don’t need an ice maker.

But we’re doing the walls. THE WALLS.  From floor to ceiling, we’re tiling the walls, which are concrete now, and lumpy.  We’ll be able to Swiffer them clean.   Can you imagine?

And for the first time in my life, I’m getting a garbage disposal, for the sole purpose of not having to scoop Cheerios out of the drain every morning.  LUXURY LIVING!

It’s so so so so so much fun, this feeling of fixing up a house I plan to STAY in.  Not thinking about “resale” or “investment” but about the house I want my house to be.

Which is to say… we might paint the ceiling blue!



7 Responses to “Because life isn’t complicated enough…”

  1. Kate Says:

    It’s GORGEOUS, Laurel! I’m so glad you stuck to your guns on the butcher block — I agree that the warmth will play really nicely off those cool tile walls. Yay! (But very very sorry about poor sick L.)

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Wait a minute, weren’t you pondering that fancy faucet, like, yesterday? And now you OWN it? You work fast. Counter is lovely (the slice you can see) and ooh, the TILE! Love it.

  3. Frume Sarah (aka "The Reluctant Balebusta") Says:

    Of course… once you begin messing around in a kitchen, you think of all the other things you wish you could do.
    I’ve often thought that Laura Numroff must have been smack-dab in the midst of a remodel when she was inspired to write “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

    I love that you are making choices not based on “someday” and “what-if” but on what you like right now.

    Best of luck…

  4. laurel Says:

    Yep! We were looking at it, and Jim (the man doing all the actual work) had to make a run for some screws, and he showed up with that, and said, “Eh, if you don’t like it I can take it back.”

  5. laurel Says:

    Thank you! I’m really glad we did too!

  6. Nolan Says:

    Love the faucet, love the tile, love the butcher block. I am ready to start making “right now” decisions but for now will have to stick with “some day.” We had an agent come out today to check out our house to list it. Looking forward to the future…whatever that might be.

  7. Mom Says:

    Your mother says that you should be doing a daily blog post with PICTURES and FEELINGS as the kitchen progresses. Also the cute photos of Mose spilling the paint and Lewis wandering off with the cabinet knobs.

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