I caught a unicorn!!!

Well, maybe not a unicorn, but an equally rare sort of mythical beast…

A break!

I’ve been saying all fall that I “just needed to get to December.” It’s been a mantra for me.  As I’ve traveled and skyped and run myself ragged, taken on freelance gigs I didn’t have time for, critiqued manuscripts and flacked my book around.  Half of me didn’t believe my own mantra, was certain that it would never come.

Down time? What’s that?

And admittedly my down time isn’t vacation. I have the boys. I have a book due to my editor in February. I have a trip to Baltimore (to see family) and my volunteer hours at the library, and a few stray skypes and school visits.

But still… it feels expansive and restful and manageable.

The goal is to keep it that way. To NOT fill it up with house tasks and social commitments and playdates and so on.

I need this time. My head needs some space. My book needs some undivided attention.

Who knows when the chance will arise again.  You can’t expect to catch TWO unicorns, you know…

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  1. Rebecca Says:

    Glad you’re having a sort of break. I love keeping up with your marvelous life. -r.

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