Some thoughts…

For kids, the very act of living is the act of challenging, questioning, shouting. Children are radicals.  They say what they think.  They expect the world to be fair and equal and they push against it when it isn’t. They think that if they yell loud enough, for long enough, they can make people listen.  They are not always “on message” but they mean what they say, and if you listen to them, you’ll learn something.

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  1. The Frugal Hostess Says:

    I really enjoyed your take on this, especially when you said that Occupy is not mature; it is growing. That’s a great way to explain it.

  2. Venessa Ann Schwarz Says:

    So true Laurel … a great lesson for us all! By the way, to comment on a few blogs ago: love the pie! Hope it was yummy.

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