I made this!!!

It’s fuzzy and clunky, but I did it myself! I figured out how to do an imovie!  YAY!

Warning: This Video contains blueberries and a baby from Laurel Snyder on Vimeo.

6 Responses to “I made this!!!”

  1. Emma Says:


  2. Amy Guth Says:

    Now, that is cute.

  3. Kitt Says:

    How cute! Great job!

  4. Mary Lee Says:

    Way COOL!

    This is as good a book trailer as any I’ve seen. (True, that’s somewhat of a backhanded compliment [forgive me?], but it’s also a comment on the “art” of book trailers to date. It’s a new art form and I think the more folks play around with it, the better!)

  5. Alkelda Says:

    Sweet! But not as sweet as that baby….

  6. sarah Says:

    aw baby.

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