(Hassle doesn’t seem to care at ALL,  but I’m thrilled)

Me, in Kirkus?


Yep! And here it is!

This delightfully droll fairy tale features a feisty milkmaid named Lucy and her best friend, Prince Wynston. Wynston has been forced to swap berry-picking adventures with Lucy for lessons in the rules and rituals of courtship, as his father insists that he must find a proper princess to be his future Queen. Dejected and lonely, Lucy decides to embark on a journey up the Scratchy Mountains in search of her mother, who disappeared when Lucy was a baby. In an uncharacteristic act of rebellion, Wynston abandons his lessons and follows Lucy to the hilltop town of Torrent, a town so obsessed with rules and regularity that even the rain must come and go on schedule. On their grand adventure Lucy and Wynston learn the answers to Lucy’s questions about her mother and lots more, including the surprising facts that sometimes a prince in need of a future queen need look no further than his own best friend and that, while rules are very important and utterly necessary, so too are loopholes. (Fiction. 7-11)

Delightfully droll!  I’m DROLL!


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  1. Miss Erin Says:

    Go Laurel!!

  2. Collin Says:


  3. Mimi Schroeder Says:


    Congratulations on conquering cantankerous Kirkus.


  4. Jody Feldman Says:

    If I knew you wanted to hear you were delightfully droll, I could have confirmed that a long time ago. (yay)

  5. Barrie Summy Says:

    Laurel, what a GREAT review!

  6. Little Willow Says:

    Congrats, and hugs to kitty!

  7. laurel Says:


    You can *try* to hug her if *you* want to, but she’s a SCRATCHER!

    Thanks, everyone!!!


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