Here we are! Today is the day!  Bigger than a Bread Box is officially a book, out in the world, roaming free. Hopping trains and jumping puddles.

But what I am really floored by is how my friends are celebrating with me.  This AMAZING cake is being consumed by Mr. Sharpe’s class in Michigan.

In California and New York, and even at GOOGLE (well, I’m not sure that’s just for me, but I’ll take it…)

Here in Atlanta, we’re having a party on Friday at 7 pm, to celebrate.  I will cry, and laugh, and drink  some wine, and eat some snack cakes.  You should come too!

Now I am off to take a BAWTH, because that is not what I usually do at 10:09 on a Tuesday, so it seems a nice way to celebrate.

I hope you like my book!

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