My baby is not a baby…

…any more.

I’m so proud of him, starting kindergarten with joy, happily heading into a strange big building. ┬áBut wow, it’s different. He has a world that isn’t *mine* now. Full of people I don’t know. He’s building his own life, distinct from me. It’s so wonderful, and yet sad.

But a year ago we moved houses to give him this place, this community. We gambled, and I think we won.

Pictures for my mom, who has been patient.

Big damn boy!

2 Responses to “My baby is not a baby…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Mom says yay!
    Thank you, Laurel.
    You’re all doing a great job.
    Brings back clear and wonderful memories of you starting school.

  2. Emma Says:

    I’d like the top two photos in my email inbox, please and thank you.

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