BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX SKYPE TOUR: 100 schools in 100 days!!!

Okay, so… I have this new book coming out. AND, I also have these small kids I live with, who make long distance travel and book tours hard. AND, the amazing Kate Messner recently introduced me to the wonderful world of skyping with classrooms


I hereby announce my CRAZY PLAN. I am going to come and visit YOUR SCHOOL, via skype, and meet with your students. I plan to talk about being an author, writing for kids, revising and editing, my favorite books, and specifically– about how BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX took me thirty years to write. I plan to read a little bit from the book, and field questions from interested students.

THEN I plan to followup with students who might be interested in writing, or asking more questions, via email.


Sound good?

To sweeten the deal, the wonderful Random House sales reps have offered to send a FREEEEEE advance copy to the first 30 people who schedule a skype visit with me!

Isn’t that nice of them?

SO.. you want to join up? You want to hang out? You want to know… hhow does this work?

Interested teachers and media specialists should email me:( laurelsnyder AT hotmail DOT com ) and use the subject line SKYPE VISIT!

In the body of the email, simply let me know:

  • where you live (include time zone)
  • how old your students are (include grade)
  • how large your group is expected to be, if you have any idea
  • whether you’ve ever skyped with a classroom visitor before
  • your ideal date and time for a thirty minute visit

Then, I’ll email back, confirm a time and date, and send you my skype name. AND if you’re one of the first thirty requests, I’ll put you in touch with someone who can send you a book, to use in the classroom as you see fit

Easy peasy!

First come first serve, but with 100 visits as my goal, I’ve got a lot of slots to fill. So let me know how I can best JOIN YOUR CLASS!

(one note– to parents. For logistical reasons, I’ve found that it’s hard to coordinate through a parent who would like me to visit with their kid’s class. So, if you’re interested in this program, as a parent, please forward this information to the teacher or media specialist at your child’s school, rather than emailing me yourself. I LOVE meeting parents, but if I end up with multiple contacts, things can get confusing. THANKS!)

15 Responses to “BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX SKYPE TOUR: 100 schools in 100 days!!!”

  1. Susan Dee Says:

    What a fantastic opportunity! Sent my email and keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Christi Reed Says:

    I can’t wait to read the book. What fabulous opportunity! Hope we get to participate. Thanks.

  3. Wendy Holkesvig Says:

    Would love to have you at our school. Technology has opened so many opportunities for those of us in rural communities.

  4. Ellen Zschunke Says:

    What an awesome opportunity! I cant wait to check out Bigger Than a Bread Box and share it with students as well. As I’m looking at some of your other titles, I’m thinking they may be PERFECT for my school!

  5. Kim Piddington Says:

    I would love to participate. I’m at a new school this year, but I’m sure for something this fabulous we could work out the logistics! Paul Hankin said good things about your book-looking forward to reading it!

  6. Heidi Grange Says:

    I have sent my email too. This sounds like a great opportunity for my students as well. Thanks!

  7. jone Says:

    What a crazy fun idea. I would love to participate and maybe even qualify for a book. Thanks for doing this.

  8. Sally Apokedak | Reading, writing, and ranting Says:

    [...] Laurel Snyder, an author with a lovely style and voice, is doing a hundred skyped school visits in a hundred days. She’s also offering a free book (Bigger Than a Breadbox) to the first thirty teachers that sign up. Hurry over to her blog to check out the details. [...]

  9. Shelf-employed Says:

    I tweeted it for you, Laurel. I’m a public, not a school librarian, or else I would be asking myself! Good luck! Lisa

  10. My Twitter Favorites 07/26/2011 « Interactive Inquiry Says:

    [...] Laurel Snyder » Blog Archive » BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX SKYPE TOUR: 100 schools in 100 da… [...]

  11. Lisa Ard Says:

    I’ve been thinking of Skype visits as well. Since I’m a new author (Dream Seekers: Fright Flight due out next month from Puddletown Publishing), I’m curious how it works – whether there are any technology glitches, how you structure the visit to capture attention, how long to make it (do you find 30 min works best?)….if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to hear an update, either directly to me by e-mail or a further blog post. Thank you! Best wishes!

  12. Julie Hatcher Says:

    Would love a Skype visit with our students!

  13. Peggy Salwen Says:

    Dear Laurel,

    How I wish I’d looked at your website earlier than 6:30 pm on the night before our “Hot Books & Chocolate; Mother & Daughter Book Group” at my branch library tomorrow afternoon. We are discussing Penny Dreadful and I’m sure that the girls would love to be in contact with you.

    I will tell them about your website and show them Bigger than a Bread Box, which just came in yesterday. I can’t wait to read it, but will wait ’cause the kids always get first shot at the new books.

    I hope they like Penny Dreadful as much as I do and I’m hoping that Penelope’s anxieties will be kinda comforting to these girls & their moms. One of the families took a trip to the Smokey Mountains this past summer and the setting also played a large part in my choice of the book for our first meeting.

    Thank you so much for your stories.


    Peggy Salwen, Children’s Librarian
    67th Street Branch Library
    The New York Public Library
    328 East 67th Street
    New York, NY 10065

  14. laurel Says:

    Peggy, I’m so glad to get this email and I would LOVE to be in touch with the girls. Please feel free to email me at laurelsnyder@hotmail and tell me how I can be involved! So very glad you liked the book. Best, and thanks, Laurel

  15. Lucy Wainwright Roche · super exciting trip to atlanta Says:

    [...] who I first met in Iowa City, IA and who has since written several fantastic books including Bigger Than A Bread Box  and Baxter, The Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher, lives there now! Such good FOOD [...]

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