Because my mom asked…

An email from a certain maternal figure arrived today, asking me whether “we have any news” about Bigger than a Bread Box yet.  And we do!  Not a ton, because it’s early yet. But reviews are starting to trickle in. So far they are VERY GOOD!  So here you are, MOM!

Kirkus says:

The discoveries Rebecca makes about herself and her relationship with her parents are achingly authentic. While the bread box provides a nice infusion of fantasy, this tale is as much focused on Rebecca’s maturing understanding of her family’s problems as it is on magic. Her appealing first-person narration rings true, and the characters around her are also believably portrayed, creating a tight tale with broad appeal.

And Publisher’s Weekly offers:

Introspective and rich with delicate imagery, this coming-of-age tale shares themes with Snyder’s Penny Dreadful (2010). The insightful, memorable, and complex characters that Snyder creates result in a story with the same qualities.

On top of that, Bread Box is the Fall Rep Pick of the Random House Children’s Sales Reps! Which means they’ve reprinted galleys, and are sending them out far and wide. The book was available at IRA, BEA, and ALA, and if you’re interested in a review copy, you should request one! (though it may take a little while for it to arrive)

For myself, I’m taking a little time right now to put together some funs stuff for the release. Blog tours and book trailers. More to come soon!  But most importantly, I’m planning to do my first Skype tour. I had such a blast during World Readaloud Day, I’m setting up to visit 100 classrooms in 100 days!!!  (inspired in large part by Kate Messner, an amazing teacher and author).  100 classes??!!  Think I can pull it off? We’ll see.  Meanwhile, if you know a class that might like a free Skype author visit, please, send them my way…

The book is also showing up on some interesting lists. Here and there.  Not that in any rational way one can think about such things, (but this is for my mom, remember, and moms like to get prematurely proud and kvell).  Also, the book is  just now turning up at various blogs around the kidlitosphere.  And I did an superfun podcast interview about it too!

We still have almost 3 months to go, so I don’t want to pelt everyone from here on out.  But for those of you who love me and wonder (MOM) there you go!

And if anyone has ideas for interesting Bread Box shwag, I’d love to hear it.   Or brilliant thoughts of fun ways to do contests and giveaways.  Or if anyone wants to make me a book trailer.  Or send me a present or something. You know where to find me, MOM!

And, as always, you can add it to your Goodreads if you’re into that sort of thing, and maybe let your local librarian or booksseler know you’d like to see it on the shelves!




4 Responses to “Because my mom asked…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Your MOM says, “Thanks, missy.”
    I love Breadbox, and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t.

  2. Gail Handler Says:

    I can hardly wait to get my review copy!!! After reading it and reviewing on my blog, I plan to use it like the “traveling pants” idea…pass it on to another writer to review with the understanding it must keep going and link back to the previous reviewer.

  3. Kate Messner Says:

    I’m with your mom. (And I’m also sharing this link w/ teacher-friends. 100 classrooms or bust!)

  4. Stacy Mozer Says:

    How will you be picking your 100 classrooms and can my class get on that list? (3rd grade)

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