The perks…

In the midst of the brouhahas we tend to get into, about “why children’s books aren’t valued enough or taken seriously enough” and other silliness like that…

I want to offer an amazing example of why we should never even bother worrying.

This, this wonderfulness, that makes me so proud to write books for kids, books that will (hopefully) turn kids into thinkers, and dreamers, and doers, and explorers and artists.

I may never win a Pulitzer, or get to stay at a fancypants colony.  I may never get a job teaching at an MFA program. I may never get a review in the New York Times.

But I get other things, things serious grownup authors will never get.

I get to peek into the future. I get to remember what it felt like to fall in love with language. I get to connect with kids.

And that is, as I get older, the single most important thing in my life, on so many levels.

I am so so so lucky.

2 Responses to “The perks…”

  1. Kris Asselin Says:

    I love this post Laurel. We’re big fans of yours in our house (obviously!) and as a writer, I hope to someday inspire a child the way you’ve inspired mine! The ability to share the magic of words and imagination is a precious gift! Thank you!

  2. Mom Says:

    A wonderful project!
    But what the world is crying out for is cottage pictures……..

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