Bigger than a Bread Box, loose in the world…

I am deeply nervous/thrilled/excited to say that Bread Box is creeping around in the world now.  We don’t have any of the pre-pub reviews in yet, so I’m totally on pins and needles. But people are starting to read it, and reviews are popping up on Goodreads, and on some wonderful blogs, here and there.

Then, today, the Random House sales team posted this amazing interview/blurb fest about the book, and made me cry.  Seriously, I am pulling my hair out trying to write the next book right now, and I had a terrible white night (if you don’t know the term, go read Emily of New Moon, pronto!) last night. But then I woke up this morning, and read this post, and my sleep-deprived brain couldn’t take it, and I began to cry. Just knowing that people (some I know and some I don’t) get the book, and like the book, makes everything feel good.

There’s so much of ME in this one– it’s scary.  I feel like I’m hanging waaaaaaaay out there, like that poster-kitten clutching a thin branch.

But it’s good, it’s okay.  I did this to myself, on purpose.

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