She said, “The prettiest place on earth, is Baltimore at night…”

Home Sick.  Homesick.

I’ve been in Baltimore this week– deep in the city, lost in its past.  Staring at pictures from the state historical society, the Pratt library, and countless random strangers’ Flickr pages. Thank you to other people for doing this research for me!

All for a book that feels confusing to me right now. A prequel to Bigger than a Bread Box, a books that traces a family’s past. As two young girls run loose in the city I love best.

Someday, I’ll write a book about a place, and get to actually BE there, breathe the air, walk the streets.  But for now, this is so wonderful. Dreaming of live chickens, cobblestones, and the lovely filthy water of my beloved bay.

A few places I’ve been hanging out.


Lexington Market…

The harbor…

Lombard Street…

Mt Vernon…

And a hotel I’ve invented, the Hotel Calvert, which is a smaller version of this place, the Belveder, which looms large in both my childhood memories and my family history.

I only hope I can come close to doing it all justice.

3 Responses to “She said, “The prettiest place on earth, is Baltimore at night…””

  1. Patricia Punt Says:

    Great pictures … I love Baltimore. Thanks for sharing.

  2. eden unger bowditch Says:

    I came upon this blog post by accident but it got me in the heart. I’m in Baltimore this year after seven years in Cairo, Egypt. I finished a book about Druid Hill Park from my apartment in Cairo and now, here, I work on the third book in my YA trilogy from my home in Woodberry. This book, I must add, takes place in Cairo. Yes, I, too, hope that, one day, I shall be in the city about which I write at that time.

  3. laurel Says:


    I lived in Woodberry as a kid, on Malden. I was there last month, for dinner in Woodberry Kitchen, and was shocked by how much the neighborhood has changed, and also how much it hasn’t…

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