Now we’re home!!!

And while it is nice to be here, it was really just sooooooo wonderful to be there.  Mose chased fireflies and bunnies. I drank an adult  beverage in a nice dive bar (as opposed to either a sleazy hole dive bar  or an ironic dive bar full of mullets and tight jeans). We saw music, and friends, and sat around and ate too much. 

It was hard to be there and have so many of the people I love NOT be there. I missed Thisbe something awful.  Sarah too.  How can it be Iowa City without those people?  And some things have changed.  The Hamburg Inn seems very different.

But Pieta came over and hung around in the yard with the babies, and so did Patrick and the amazing Sonya and Jeff, and Maria and Margaret.  And I got to meet Sarah!  And there really were goldfinches at the feeder, and wildflowers everywhere.  And…


I reserve the right to be wrong. Over and over and over and under…

Like the man said:

On a summer evenin’ when the corn’s head-high,
And there’s more lightnin’ bugs than stars in the sky.
Ah, you get the feelin’ things may be alright,
On a summer evenin’ before the dark of night.

Yes, things may be alright.

2 Responses to “Now we’re home!!!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    can we be friends? also, i think i’d like iowa.

  2. laurel Says:

    Of course!

    You would. It’s pretty awesome.

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