On being a grownup…

It’s almost 2 am, and I’m sitting here, eating chips from the bag, because I can.  See, I’m a grownup, and grownups get to do whatever they want.

I know this sounds silly, but Mose is VERY aware of the fact that I “get to decide things” and he gets to decide less.  Lately, he’s taken to saying, “When I grow up…” and it reminds me of ME as a kid, saying the same thing.

Candy for dinner!  A house full of dogs!  TV all day!  Life was going to be SO GREAT when I was in charge.

This is, of course, not how grownup life feels much of the time. I did not WANT to fly around the country twice this week, or fold three tons of laundry today.  I do not WANT to wake up in the morning at 7 am for the fourteen trillionth time in a row.


Mose has a point.  I am in charge. I “get to decide.”  Not about everything.  I can’t decide my arthritis away. I can’t decide for someone else to magically make us a healthy free dinner that everyone will eat.  I can’t decide for all the traffic in Atlanta to melt.

But it’s 2 am, and I have a bag of chips. And you know what else? There’s a beer in the fridge, so maybe I’ll drink it.  At 2 am.  BECAUSE I CAN.

Candy for dinner? Here’s the thing– I’m a good mom, or I try to be. I make them brush their teeth. I make them clean their rooms.  I feed them leafy greens and tofu and whatever-is-healthy-this-week.  But sometimes… sometimes… I want to be a kid myself. I want to say YES!  I want to play.

Candy for dinner?  We’ll see where we are at dinnertime tomorrow.  I’m thinking maybe we need a road trip.



In which case, we will TAKE ONE.

Because  after all, I GET TO DECIDE.

UPDATE!  We got into the car after breakfast, and hit the highway!  Now in Helen, GA, in a supercheap riverfront motel. Spent the afternoon catching tadpoles in the Chattahootchie.    Dinner will be decidedly German.  Hurrah for spontaneity.

2 Responses to “On being a grownup…”

  1. Amanda Hoving Says:

    Most days I feel like I just got out of high school, so when faced with grownup responsibilites and issues, I tend to think that being an adult is overrated. But then I open a bag of licorice and eat the whole thing at 10:00am — because I can. It’s all about the food, isn’t it? ;)

  2. Collin Says:

    Glad you got out of town. Enjoy yourself. And the kids.

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