Yeah! I’m a mom…

I only asked for two things for Mother’s Day:

1. To sleep in forever

2. A certain inspiring coffee-mug

And guess what?  I got exactly everything I wanted in the whole wide world.

A lesson!  ask for what you need, set reasonable expectations, prepared to be satisfied!

Happy Mother’s Day!  To everyone who is a mom, everyone who has a mom, and to anyone who doesn’t have a mom too.  Because wow– I bet if you don’t have a mother or kids to celebrate today with, the ridiculous number of flower-carrying matchy-matchy families are obnoxiously invading your sunday brunch.

Mothers are way more complicated that mimosas and corsages, huh?  And the decision to have kids should be rewarding and happy-making without a holiday like this, or the holiday will only be depressing.  So, yeah. It’s kind of a stupid holiday, but tonight, it’s my excuse to eat crazy amounts of good Chinese food.

3 Responses to “Yeah! I’m a mom…”

  1. Julia Says:

    Great blog! And glad you got everything you wanted and a photo too! And Chinese food too? You’ve got it all! WOOHOO! :) Happy mothers day, mom to mom! Love the photo!

  2. Lisa Peet Says:

    Excellent day! Coincidentally (or not), the first thing I did yesterday morning was to order that same mug for myself as a Mother’s Day gift. I don’t have any little ones at home to extort presents from, but the big one called me from his car on the way to his ER paramedic shift to wish me a happy one and to tell me he thinks he did well in his classes this semester, which was the tall boy equivalent, right? And the good partner took me out for a movie and dim sum on Saturday. Here’s to all mothers and MFs alike!

  3. Amanda Hoving Says:

    Sounds like a lovely day to me. All I ever ask for is one guilt-free day to lie like a lump. And I did. Heavenly~

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