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I’m off to Iowa City…

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

To watch the Shriners sputter around in their fezes.

Ahh, America!

Also, I will check out Medeski Martin and Wood, visit the farmers’  market, meet Sarah for a drink, hug all my old friends a lot, visit with the in-laws, stare at fireworks, eat a pistachio, pesto, and gorgonzola pizza (you can’t imagine how good), sip a whiskey in the newly smoke-free Foxhead, have a pie shake at the Burg, browse at Prairie Lights, and wander at Hickory Hill.

Mose and Lew will appreciate most of the above, though Lew doesn’t go for whiskey. He prefers scotch.

Yes, we’ll all have a good old time in Ioway.

But best of all are the Shriners!

Oh, oh, oh!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

(this is NOT Mose. This is someone else’s ugly–though potty trained–kid)

Have you ever been to Smaland?

Well, me neither, but MOSE HAS!!!

Because suddenly he is potty trained, and that means he’s allowed to romp and play and pull on other kids’ noses and drool without me there to supervise the romping and the playing and the pulling and the drooling.

This… is… awesome.

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome.

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to go daily. I wonder what would happen if *someone* did.


 I *do* like cinnamon rolls.